I try to measure the drawing and get the result in imperial. converting drawings between metric and imperial projects. So far I can only add, through Annotation Scaling panel and Scale list for an individual drawing so once it is closed I lose the scales. Engineering. When I go into the viewport and use the zoom to scale 1/5xp the scale is correct and totally different than the viewport scale 1:5. When I open the drawing the distances are still corect, but the drawing settings are imperial, that is, when I go to create a text style I get inches instead of mm and when I want to change the viewport scale i only get imperial options. AutoCAD Scale Factors Charts Here are some simple charts to help you convert drawing scale to scale factor, for working in CAD Convert your PDF to AutoCAD Architectural Scales Engineering Scales DRAWING SCALE SCALE FACTOR VIEWPORT SCALE 1″ = 10′-0″ 120 1/120xp 1″ = 20′-0″ 240 1/240xp 1″ = 30′-0″ 360 1/360xp 1″ = 40′-0″Continue reading → You see, AutoCAD really only sees units. Products and versions covered . cad scale factors archtoolbox com. 1:1 instead of 1'-0"=1'-0"). 0.002083. Imperial is easy say for example your using 1/4=1-0, you know that on paper 1/4 = 1-0. View Profile View Forum Posts Junior Member Join Date May 2011 Posts 3. Select one of the three options to set your scale: 1"=__FT: Select the top radio button to choose the number of feet represented by 1 inch in your drawing. I only have 1:20 and 1:30. 0.004167. Report this article? are metric. So we convert an exercise file to metric, the geometry in the drawing will also need to be scaled up or down to compensate for the change in … By smplyanne, May 18, 2009 in ... and I am doing a project in Metric. In the file on the command line type SCALELISTEDIT and select the key. I've used autocads metric template border and saved as our soon to be company metric border and inserting company standards along the way. Then copy and … You may want to use a template. How to change the scale from Metric to Imperial… 1"=50' 1:600. The scales 1:100, 1:200. EMBED . The scale you choose is applied to the viewport. Screen shot.. View 2 Replies View Related AutoCAD LT :: Viewport Scale List Jan 12, 2012. recently upgraded to a new stand alone LT 2012 on brand new machine.I only work in metric millimeters. AutoCAD General; Scale drawing from metric to english; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. REPORT. metric scaling viewport archive autocad forums. Screencast Beginner. The current dimensions need to … autocad i have imperial scale list and need metric. Select the Reset Button on the right hand side of the Dialogue Box. We can see that the unit is already defined correctly. Well, most of AutoCAD samples are in imperial :(Set the Source Drawing Unit. Documnent Settings - Changing from Imperial to Metric. Since all my annotative text and hatching is set to 1:5 1:10 and 1:100 the annotations do not work since viewport scales 1:5, 1:10 and 1:100 are showing up incorrect and do not correspond to the correct zoom factors of 1/5xp 1/10xp and 1/100xp. When prompted for scale factor, enter the appropriate scale factor for the units to be converted, based on the following: Scale Factors: Inches to Millimeters = 25.4 You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. The ratio is determined by dividing the paper space units by the model space units. . Autodesk Inventor Professional 2014. Enter “0,0” for the base point. 0.002778. CANCEL REPORT. AutoCad :: How To Scale Down To Architecture Setting Standard Not Metric Feb 9, 2012. Additionally, if you use the wrong template your scales lists might display wrong (i.e. . I would like to lay my drawings out in 1:25 scale; yet when I go to the viewport scale menu- it doesn't exist. 1:50, 1:100, and so on. Get answers fast from Autodesk support staff and product experts in the forums. converting autocad to metric measure woodweb. Does anyone have any standard information about setting up metric drawings with correct viewport scales drawing and drafting settings and procedures, etc? Embed This Screencast. 1"=30' 1:360. autocad 2011 for dummies cheat sheet dummies. 0.001667. Use the SCALELISTEDIT command and hit the Reset button on the right side of the dialogue box. Let us check the drawing units. Thread Tools. Almost everyone in this country is familiar with imperial (feet and inches) drafting procedures as related to ACAD; insertion scales, text sizes, viewport scales, etc. Select the layout viewport that you want to modify. So re-scaling the drawing will not correct my drawing as it is already the right size. Here is a lesson how to set & Lock Viewport Scale in AutoCAD. Michael Westlake, Mechanical Engineering . This rectangle is still 6 units long, except now we've declared that those units represent centimeters. But remember, our paperspace units are mm. Im having problems understanding what the ratios are meaning for Viewport scales. Showing how to scale a drawing from Metric to Imperial using the scale factor of .03937 1"=40' 1:480. This method will work for both Imperial to Metric and Metric to Imperial. 22 contributions. AutoCAD General ; Metric View Port Scales Sign in to follow this . I know 1:25 is roughly 1/2" scale but is there a way I can plot in true 1/2" scale without converting the model space to standard? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is a video showing this process: See Also: Revit Help: Get Started; Templates and family files not installed or missing in Revit; Products: Revit; Versions: 2017; 2016; 2019; 2018; Find related content. If you choose to set an Imperial scale, you have three scaling options. Zoom Scale. I have imported a ISO Shipping container but the scale is to large. Probably more Autocad related rather than ACA but any idea why I have a drawing with units set to metric but the Viewport Scale List and Annotation Scale List shows up in imperial… Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Select the Imperial option to set an Imperial scale and set your units in inches or feet.. 2. 1"=20' 1:240. In AutoCAD these are denoted via the "xp" option of the Zoom command. Show Printable Version; Subscribe to this Thread… 01-05-2011, 12:11 AM #1. yamahas. To scale each displayed view accurately for output, set the scale of each layout viewport. You should have been able to add scales to the list, such as 1:10. I'm using AutoCAD LT 2008. When you use ARCHIBUS Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD or the DWG Editor to create a new drawing, you specify the Units for the drawing as Imperial or Metric. You can access it from AutoCAD menu> drawing utilities> units. Most of our engineering drawings are done in centimeters, so I have to scale everything up to a factor of 10. Scale. ( NOTE: English is Metric, and English_I is Imperial. Results 1 to 8 of 8 Thread: How to change the scale from Metric to Imperial? Mechanical Engineering. HELP Get an answer. 2.) Followers 3. At the Select Objects prompt, enter “All“, then hit Enter. Click the triangular scale grip near the center of the viewport, and click the desired scale from the list. 1"=10' 1:120. Metric View Port Scales. So we would scale the viewport differently - 1 meter / 200 millimeter. Factor . Quote; Share this post. Zooming scales for common metric scales: Metric Scale: Zooming Scale: 1:100: 10xp: … My scale list has metric list on it as it suppose to have both metric and imperial scale. That means 1 meter on paper = 200 meters in the model space drawing. Scaling the viewports - A common metric scale is 1/200 or 1/1000. SHARE. Setting up AutoCAD for metric, instead of imperial, measure. plot scales for the paper space zoom xp in autocad and. Post a question. Using the triangular scale grip . Michael Westlake. I think there is software that converts data to the units your machine recognizes automatically when it is processed to code. Note: This type of dimensioning is known as dual dimensioning. Converting Drawings between Metric and Imperial Projects. 1. As far as I know, moving the imperial drawing to a metric template and scaling, is the easiest way to solve all the issues at one time. 1.) I have a drawing that was drafted in metric with both metric and imperial dimensions that I want to plot in 1/2" scale. The thing to remember is that AutoCAD stores everything as "units" and you tell AutoCAD what you want those units to stand for, cm, mm, ft ect. Our first thought would be to scale the viewport 1/200xp. Is there a way to add 1:25? 0.008333. My viewport scale list only has metric and I would like to add a list of imperial scales for general use. When you draft you draft in "drawing units" and then use your viewport scale to tell cad how you want those units represented in paperspace, ie: 1paper unit = 2 model units will produce a 1:2 scale drawing. When asked what to reset select the one you want in this case Metric. You can then choose which type of scale you want to have displayed – metric, imperial, or both. AutoCAD 2010 :: Imperial Scale Not On Scale List Feb 7, 2013. metric drawing scale chart free ebooks. Calculating zoom factors. My question is what settings in autocad 2010 do I use to make a smooth transition from our company imperial border to our soon to be company metric border. When you work in a layout, the scale factor of a view in a layout viewport represents a ratio between the actual size of the model displayed in the viewport and the size of the layout. Converting from Imperial Scale List to Metric. Happy to see you are good to go, bugged or otherwise:lol:. To implement dual dimensioning, it is necessary to create a new dimension style and then apply that dimension style to the dimensions that need to be displayed in metric. A drawing’s units can be either inches, millimeters, centimeters, or meters. Decimal. This article describes how to change some of the dimensions to metric units on a drawing that uses imperial units dimensioning. 3.) Good mornning, I am in a bind here, I use ACAD but always just draw flow diagrams or P&IDs now I need to start using scales and I have now a drawing that needs to be set up in metric, my scale is 1:20 and then I need to set up a viewport, but I dont know how or where to start. I know how to use the Viewport scale for imperial drawings, but working in metric is really new for me. 1:250, 1:500 etc. The drawing's units determine how the drawing is displayed in AutoCAD. To embed this Screencast, choose a size. The standard approach is to Plot layouts at a scale of 1:1. you have already set up your A Size – Portrait layout to use a Plot scale of 1:1 . Using the SCALE command: At the command line enter “SCALE”. Using imperial unit is painful for me. Welcome to AutoCAD Everything We offer completely FREE AutoCAD Help - Ask your question NOW. I want to convert it to metric. you must set viewport display magnification (scale) relative to paper space so viewports Plot at the required drawing scale.

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